• Will fight to bring back Chick-fil-A Friday
  • Will push for work hour relief due to coronavirus related issues (quarantine/missed work weeks/positive tests, etc.)
  • Will fight for off campus work opportunities
  • Will push to expand work-for-pay opportunities
  • Will fight for expansion of payment plans towards room and board and the health and technology fee
  • Will push for allowing students into other dorm rooms
  • Will fight for more days off campus


  • Will send out a Covid well-being survey to help students where they are at
  • Will push for more food options in the Caf: both a greater variety of flavors and of health options
  • Will fight to expand seating in the Caf
  • Will push for more sports opportunities: more IM options as well as greater flexibility in reserving the hoops at the gym
  • Will prioritize relieving work hours lost due to Covid related issues through no fault of the student
  • Will aim to reorient the College towards its Christian roots
  • Will re-approach current Covid restrictions and aim to ease them where possible
  • Will keep the federal government accountable on its promise to provide stimulus checks and fight for them being provided to college students as well


  • Will protect students’ rights to attend religious services, on or off campus
  • The right to bear arms shall not be infringed
  • Will push for the school dress code to include kilts (1st amendment)


  • Will work to maintain state sovereignty (10th amendment)
  • Will work to provide local relief efforts rather than relying on federal subsidies and grants
  • Will add a balanced state budget requirement to the Point Lookout state constitution
  • Will cooperate with the Missouri state government to form state compacts regarding land and infrastructure issues
  • Will expand Point Lookout to include Hollister and Vintage Paris